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Globalization? - Yes, but completely different from common expectations

By Daniel Amarilio

Contemporary theory of Globalization does not comprise working solutions for overcoming worldwide poverty. It is true that globalization does create jobs in the third world, but o n the other hand it increases unemployment in countries, which resettle their manufactures in poor countries.

In other words globalization is not good for local workers in the USA, Germany, Canada, France and other rich and middle-class countries. Globalization is the main reason for the increasing growth of the number of poor people in these countries.

The poor in the third world, which number is enormous, now have the opportunity to earn o ne half to o ne dollar a day.

As long as this is exploitation of cheap labour and new bourgeois classes emerge and expand in China, India, Mexico and other countries in South-East Asia, Central America and Eastern Europe. In these countries poor workers have no social rights. And there is a silent agreement between the rich Westerners and the rich Easterners.

Average consumers do not benefit from globalization. Prices of goods made in the poor countries are stuck at o ne level, and economized expenditures, which are no less than billion dollar sums, fill up the pockets of the wealthy entrepreneurs.

As regards future prospects globalization will cause a great amount of harmful political effects worldwide.

China undergoes a transformation of its system from communism to profiteering capitalist economy.

It is a vast country, inhabited by o ne-fifth of the world population and its capitalist system is far more ruthless in comparison with the Western capitalist systems.

The rich oligarchy goes through swift and uncontrollable growth, with no regards to the human rights and dignity.

Thousands luxury apartments are built in Shanghai and Beiging, such suites could be envied by many Western well-offs. Their prices are within the range of 2 – 10 million dollars.

China is not alone in this transformation into capitalism, there are also other countries which produce goods for the West. The diffrerence is that while the Western employees have social and other rights, their Eastern brethren are deprived of them.

This way the West slowly but surely digs its own grave.

Nevertheless, I support the idea of globalization. But it should be globalization of different essence. I outlined it in my book "It is so Easy to Defeat Poverty in This World".

The foundation of this globalization will be based o n an International Charter aiming for extermination of the world poverty. This would be a kind of globalization that will bring benefits to each country, no matter of its geographical location – East or West, North or South, no matter the level of its economical prosperity.

This Charter will be a starting point for further realization of the project for building up The World Common Micro-Market ( this project is elaborated o n the initiative of Povertyvision.org and Poverty World Times)

Having the World Common Micro-Market organized o nce, there will be no need for resettling production units from the West to the East. All social rights of working people will be guaranteed. Each country will develop a new and equitable social and economic base for future steady development of economics and social justice.

The project of organization of The World's Common Micro-Market would ensure the humanitarian equilibrium o n our planet, and would reinforce the world’s Peace and Democracy. The rich would get even richer, but the world would become a place with no poor people, made poor against their own will.

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