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If God gives me a small piece of life

To Gabriel Garcia Jose Marques
Nobel Price Laureate

By Daniel Amarilio

If God has decided and only for a moment to understand that I haven't been born as a rag-doll, but in his own image, I wouldn't have to tell you now that maybe right after you read my thoughts
I would die.

I would tell you I will live. And what a life it would be!

I evaluate things not by their cost, not by their content, but only by the fact that if I give them to the others, it will make them happy, and it makes me understand what real happiness means.

I would not dream much.

I would only watch with eyes closed, not to see the darkness in the homes and the streets suffused by sunlight. I would not run away, when the others wait. I would wait with them to see what
they are waiting for, with my heart and eyes wide open. And I would not feel despair. I would not listen, but I'll join my voice to the voices of all people who don't lie and watch straight in our eyes.

I would give the big chocolate ice-cream to little Rosa. So she would grow up with its taste. If God has decided only for a moment to understand I haven't been born as a rag-doll…

I would not paint pictures in Van Gouge's colors, I would not write Benedeti's poetry, or like Serrat songs. I would create statues made of skeletons of living live people. Dying not the way I'm
dying, but of hunger. In spite of the Earth being so rich with money and wealth !

If God has decided only for a moment to understand I haven't been born as a rag-doll…

I would not tell all the people around the world I’ve always loved them, but only to the true ones.

I would not scold the men they are fools, if they don't want to fall in love, because they’re old. I would scold the young-older then the old…

To the old people I would explain that the death doesn't come with old age or forgetfulness. I would only remind them of myself and the fact that there isn't anything more unjust of than to bury
your own children.

I would not give wings to the children. I would like them to be fish so they would learn to swim in any kind of water.

And to the women…I would not admit I’ve adored them all my life.

If God has decided only for a moment to understand I haven't been born as a rag-doll…

I would not wear very modest clothes, but also neither luxury, not to make them think it's all I am.

I would burn my malice forever and will spread the ashes over the oceans.

I didn't learn much from you, people around me, because you didn't want to learn something from me and forgot whose the future is.

I don't want to live on the top of a mountain, but only next to the road leading to the top, and to spread prosperity and happiness from there.

I've already understood it doesn't matter, when you help somebody, how you watch him-from down to up or from up to down. The most important thing is to go through his soul, to understand
him and to help him help himself.

I've learned so much in my life because I wanted to learn.

Nothing sinks in oblivion and perishes after us.

We don't die, we just change our image and we often turn to something much more beautiful.
Friends, I hope I would be a heavy avalanche for you and I'll drag down your miseries with me.

I'm expecting your answer.
Write to me.
Look for me.
Don't listen to my words and don't feel the things are changing.


Daniel Amarilio

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Copyright  2000-2003 Daniel Amarilio
Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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