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By Daniel Amarilio

In the first article of this series we appealed to the politics and militaries to work harder and mainly together and jointly when they take political and military decisions.

In this second article we would like to warn again the militaries and politics not to pour tea in the coffee and make us eat “salad” lavishly spiced with human blood.

How should we fight against the terror and contemporary Islamic kamikazes? The extreme Islamic leaders often brag of the kamikazes number claiming they are more than five millions all around the world.

It is something usual to see 7-8 years old children, claiming they want to become kamikazes when they grow up on the Arabic TV stations. The imams in the mosques preach in terror’s favor and promise all kamikazes 80 virgins when they go to the paradise. Saudi Arabia gives 50 000 dollars to the families of kamikazes who detonate themselves not near American, English or Israeli soldiers, tanks or military columns, but kill themselves among pupils, pregnant women, babies, old people, just because they are Americans, Englishmen, Russians, Australians, Hindus or Jews. After every “live bomb” at least thirty victims are left behind. The proportion is 1:30.

If we multiply 5 million kamikazes by 30 victims (the exact time-period is not known) we can surely say that the half of the USA population and Europe will be killed without war. The continents would look like graves and there would be millions invalids. The democratic and free countries very rarely fight against the terror. They are trying to save the world of the Islamic influence-they do it by destroying houses in Rafiah, Gaza, Baghdad, Indonesia, Chechnya, Syria. In those houses the terrorist had found hiding-places, among the normal civilian population.

The other democratic countries in stead of supporting the terror fighters censure them.

The terrorists slowly kill thousands of Christians and Jews.

At the same time other Christians vote in the UN (together with the Muslims) against terrorist nests
destruction and this way make them demoncracies (devil’s democracies-d.a.).

The world had forgotten that through the Second World War the Americans threw two little atomic bombs
over Hiroshima and Nagasaki and totally destroyed them, in order to stop the kamikaze attacks on the
American warships ( they crashed aircrafts on the ships). This was the only reason that made Japan to
capitulate to general Mac Arthur unconditionally and to stop using kamikazes.

Nowadays Israelis, Russians, Americans and other nations bury kamikaze’s victims almost every day. We listen and read about kamikazes in the Near East, USA, Indonesia and many other countries.

In contrast to the recent history, nowadays the democratic countries enjoy the situation, and have left only 4 countries to fight the Islamic kamikazes themselves. At the same time they raise barriers impeding the fight, barriers built by the false democracies in UN and the Security Council.
They are turning to demoncracies.

The democracy can drive the Free World to absolute disintegration.

This way they pour tea in our coffees again and make people eat “salad” lavishly spiced with human blood

Daniel Amarilio

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Copyright  2000-2003 Daniel Amarilio
Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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