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The Politicians and Militaries pour tea into our
coffees and make us eat their “salad”…

By Daniel Amarilio

The fact is that this is not just an aphorism-it is true story-not only in the politics but in many other life spheres.

If we try to go through all of them we should write volumes of books. Because of this reason- in few articles- we are going to mention only the fatal political and military decisions, made by some countries.

In the Democratic world the army is under the command of the Parliament and Government.
The generals do not express an opinion and do not intervene in the Government’s work; they don’t even intervene in the work of the Minister of Defense. And notice-the Minister of Defense can be an actor-as Arnold Scwarzenegger, who became Governor of California these days.
In many democratic countries the generals don’t even have right to make political statements in the press. On the other hand-the politicians are allowed to talk over military subjects-even if they had been private soldiers in the army and have no idea of strategy and generalship…

The politicians make consultations with the military reconnaissance and the general staff of the army-it is true- but at last they take different decisions - at the end paid by the militaries. It happens that the people get tea with coffee instead of milk and pay for this “salad” with their blood.

The democratic countries have a specific structure: the parliament is the legislative power; the government and the army are the executive power. Even if the army hasn’t got many weapons at its disposal, the army itself becomes parliament’s weapon; this is the way it should be.
Strange and yet true, but in the real life this situation looks like a cup half full of coffee and half full of tea. This “salad” can be dangerous and lethal if the politicians and militaries don’t hit the right proportion; many people would pay the price of the disproportion with their lives.

Let’s take the first war in Iraq as an example. Bush the father stopped the American army’s offensive before Saddam Hussein has handed over the power. In this first unfinished war, the USA has lost milliards of dollars and many lives were lost. The soldiers got back to their bases…few years later they were sent back to the enemy country, to finish what they should have done in the previous war. The truth is that this war has been stopped because of political reasons.

The fact is that the democratic politicians don’t know when is the right moment to stop the military attacks- ordered and stated by them. There are two main reasons for military offensive interruption-because of an outside pressure or because of worsen public opinion (in USA 20.000 inquired people of 280.000.000). The biggest politician’s fear is not to lose his comfortable post. On the other hand the militaries clench their teeth and submit to the political decisions.
Rivers of innocent blood flow because of this political-military scenario.

The democratic world hasn’t understood how to fight successfully against the dark powers. The politicians should realize that the only way is to get to unconditional surrender and not to stop the army before getting this.

Bush defined quite clearly the main terrorist line: Iraq-Iran-Libya-Syria-North Korea. In typical Bush style he started breaking this line, but after the initial enthusiasm his rating stared to go down. Europe still has reserves to America because of its invention in Iraq. The Europeans do not care much for the American blood shed in the fight against the dark powers. Without the American intervention in the Second World wàr today the world would be completely Aryan and under “the new order”.
We must remember the history and to be careful not to do the same mistake twice - to have coffee with tea inside, the military-political “salad”.

President and general rarely speak the same language-the general has military knowledge, the president might have been private soldier in the army. Politics and militaries think in different way-this is what the famous Hindu “thinker” Usho claimed on the American television and in his books.
He wanted to persuade us to believe that the black is white and the white is black. If the politicians and the militaries share the Usho’s idea (In Slavonic Usho means “ear”) hundreds of thousands of people can not only lose their ears but also their lives.

In contrast to Usho’s opinion I’m more than sure that white is white and black is black. The politicians and militaries should think the same way otherwise they will pour tea in the coffee. Their nations would be forced to eat that “salad”, a salad lavishly spiced with human blood.

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Copyright  2000-2003 Daniel Amarilio
Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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