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Tony Blair is right -

By Dan Ben Amir

Today’s generations of the Free World must assume the responsibility before the future

Because the final balance has always been and will always be the same – how much human
blood will be shed in a certain moment, if a definite problem should be solved and how much
blood future generations will shed if later that solution were shifted upon them?

The responsibility is huge, because if current generations do not take the right decision, they risk
to turn – factually and legally – into killers of the next offspring.

Human history is full of instances explaining how future generations have paid for faults of the
present ones by rivers of blood.

It is enough to use as an example the generations before the World War II, which could not
decide whether to stop raising of Hitlerism in Germany or not. In such a way they provoked the
shedding of 500 million liters of human blood by the future offspring in whole Europe, in Northern
Africa and also Asia.

That is why, the British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair is so right to say that responsibility should
be taken before future generations.

If the Iraqi jeopardy is not exterminated now, can we imagine how much blood will be wasted by
children of tomorrow, in case Saddam brings into use the arsenal of mass destruction in his

(If Saddam brings into usage his possession of arsenal for mass destruction?)

Totalitarian countries like Libya and Iran, North Korea and Pakistan endanger security and peace

Terrorist movements like al Qaeda, Hamas, Djihad, Tanzin and the different Islamic Fronts for
national liberation strive to obtain arms for mass annihilation, in order to use it against the free
and democratic world.

It seems that current generations of Western Europe did not learn anything from their history.
They are not afraid of Saddam. They even trade with him and with the feudal regimes of the
Middle East and Northern Africa. They reduce Israel – the Middle East’s single democracy, and
also oppose to its struggle against Islamic terror.

And what happens with the responsibility of Western Europe toward its future generations? Are
Englishmen the only ones who can see it and feel it? What happens with Germans? What about
Frenchmen? And also what happens with Italians and Spanish men? As if they live on another

In a previous article we mentioned that even without a war, Islamic suicides could erase Western
Europe from the map of our Earth.

It would be enough to turn into invalids and corpses 50 – 60 Europeans daily, like they try to do
with Israelis. Today’s world is much smaller than that since the 40s. Iraqi rockets Scads reached Tel Aviv in a minute and half. They will be able to reach Europe in the same time. Future generations of
Europe are in serious danger by Islamic fanaticism and imperialism.

Present offspring of the whole Free world must join the responsibility assumed by Tony Blair, for
the protection of future generations.

Not to be judged by History someday!

Dan Ben Amir

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Copyright  2000-2003 Daniel Amarilio
Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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