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Commercial relations with the poor countries

The World Bank appealed to the rich countries recently, asking them to start commercial relations with the poor countries, aiming to strengten their economy and help them to create a new
socio-economical base.

In principle, this appeal is a good. But why has it been created late, so many years after the establishment of the World Bank. and also after the establishment of other international
socio-economical institutions of first importance?

Nowadays, every child knows that if there are many purchasers of a certain product, the workers and the company, manufacturing that product , will be able to pay all debts and with good
managment can be profitable.

However, the bad aspect of the World Bank's appeal is that it squanders a motto, without defining its precise substance.

What can poor countries offer today to the rich ones, and how, when their industry is not advanced, when they have to struggle against competition.

For example, a country would start selling to rich countries two or three of its products, and say that it would succeed. An other country, could start manufacture the same products the first
country is already manufacturing. It would create competiton between the countries, a war of prices and quality over the very same products.

There is no doubt that both countries would face a great problem and would be compelled to spend immense amounts struggling against each other.

The same situation can occur among ten countries, manufacturing the same commodities. And in this war there are no winners, The defeated countries would become poorer. And the
victors would have to get ready for new competitors.

That is why the idea for purchasing from needy countries - unless it is radically changed – would not be of any benefit to them. Quite the contrary, this idea can lead to a dreadful venture.

The world market needs some order to be put into by establishing a World Micro-Market. Each country that would sign up the Charter for Liquidation of Poverty, would receive the
EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to produce one or two widespread products, to export it worldwide.

Can you imagine all countries are becoming exclusive manufacturers? For instance, one could manufacture plastic plates, cups, forks, spoons and other products for single use, and an
other, would manufacture various plastic table covers, curtains, trays and other uncompetitive goods, whose market already exists and is permanently developed. Every country would be
given only one or a few commodities for EXCLUSIVE manufacture all over the world. With close monetering of an appointed organization, andthe help of leading countries it will work. Soon
we would see the end of poverty worldwide, the end of wars even. World peace would strengthen, as well as cooperation and solidarity between nations.

There is no human being in this world who can disprove such a simple socio-economical formula for liquidation of poverty worldwide, and also for consolidating a rich strata. Daniel Amarilio
in his book, “It is so Easy to Defeat Poverty in the World’, published in 1998, wrote the World Charter for Liquidation of Poverty’ and how this program has to be implemented.

Fulfill it or disprove it!

Then what?

Comments are welcome.

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Copyright  2000-2003 Daniel Amarilio
Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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