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When Bush declared a war, a long and merciless war, against the Islamic terror, we would like to believe that he didn’t believe he would be turned out against terrorists similar to Che Gevara, who didn’t fight to impose the Christian religion to the rest of the world. Bush should have known that in this case it is a question of a different and new version of the Huns and Mongolians. The present opponents are even worse than these historical invaders. The Huns and Mongolians rushed in Western Europe because of totally different reasons, than the Islamic extremists kill themselves today all around the world, in the name of Allah El Akbar. The number of American victims in Iraq exceeded 250 and there are few more killed and wounded Americans almost every week.

Because, in fact, it is not enough only to be an American, European or just a cultured man, to find a `cultural` self defence decision against the aspiration for world hegemony of the contemporary Huns and Mongolians. The Frenchmen like to say `A la guerre comme a la guerre` but in fact they declared against Bush`s ideology. Most of the countries of the European Community did the same. It is strange how quickly we forget human history.

The free humanity has only one choice: `a la guerre comme a la guerre` in the real sense of this sentence not as a parody.

(If you want to understand how many children, women and men die of hunger in the countries supporting the terror (and other countries) click on our web site’ Poverty DeathMarket Center’, and you will see how many people died of hunger from midnight to the current hour.

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