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"...Dear Daniel, am doing everything I can to help. Thank you so much for your message - (The Plan) ..." - The Former President of The United States of America - (by mail)  - William Jefferson Clinton
"... Dear Friends, you can count on me to continue the task of preparing the future. I wish that together we'll be able to create the conditions of a new collective impulse." Nicolas Sarkozy - France, Minister of Finance, Economy and Development
"Dear Daniel, I have read your book and I hope, that with the cooperation of our friends everywhere else in the world, we will achieve our aim." - (by mail)  - Shimon Peres, Nobel Peace Price Laureate
" ...Dear Mr. Amarilio …Many thanks for your Plan for the eradication of poverty. I would like to convey the appreciation of the President for your initiative and wish you good luck in your efforts…." (By mail) - Michael Walton, Director Poverty Reduction Group (The World Bank Group)
" ...An outstanding plan" - (verbal) - Prof. Ya'acov Ne'eman, former Finance Minister
" ...Dear Mr. Amarilio, thank you for your Plan for World Poverty Eradication. We at JDC Admire your commitment to this Tremendously complex endeavor" - (by mail) Joint International
" ...Mr.Amarilio, I have read your Plan. While your energy and enthusiasm are to be admired" - Marc Stern - United-Nations Development Program
We agree with the author about all the benefits from the application of his remarkable plan, if only the World can live in Peace, but unfortunately this is not the case. Maurice SACHS, Docteur de l'Universite de Paris.
Your Plan is interesting and worthwhile; I read it with great interest and curiosity. I wish you lots of success in your important cause. - Dr. Guy Behor,  The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya  (by e-mail)

Dear Daniel, I have read your Portal about Poverty. A platform that provides us with relevant information about the multi-faceted aspects of poverty. Emmanuel Assomba - Nigeria - Member of the Development Gateway community (The World Bank) (by e-mail)

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• Financial aid actually perpetuates the misery
• Bush and the huns
• Commercial relations with the poor countries
• Tony Blair is right - Responsibility before generations
• The Politicians and Militaries pour tea into our coffees and make us eat their “salad”
• The democracy becomes demoncracy in democratic way
• The most simple and effective formula to defeat poverty and strengthening of peace and democracy in this world
• The poverty in the world increases thanks to the following wrong formula
• The rich people must confer in hovels in the poor contries. In stead of living like the native population

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